Positioning, Navigation, & Timing – How Crucial in Marine Operations?

In modern navigation systems, the “Positioning, Navigation, and Timing” are very crucial elements that affect the ship’s overall undertaking. 

 Positioning, Navigation, & Timing – these three factors are handled together with a chart of geographic area and other data such as traffic or weather information. These elements are employed in modern voyage systems in vessels for very important purposes.

  • Positioning is an aspect used to accurately determine the location or direction in reference to a  standard geodetic structure.

  • Through Navigation, searching ways from one place to another is more feasible. Essentially, it is the capacity to identify the current and wanted position. And, to be able to apply adjustments to orientation, course, and speed of the vessel in order to achieve the desired position anywhere around the globe.

  • Timing is an essential feature that supplies precise time to harmonize complex system. It is the potentiality to collect and sustain an accurate or clear-cut time from a standard coordinated universal time. That is anywhere around the globe and within the user-defined well-timed parameters.

Positioning, Navigation, and Timing or PNT is employed basically in consolidation with the map data and other statistics. Through this, there is a more trendy and perceptible service – the contemporary navigation structure, which is better known as the GPS or Global Positioning System.

Sailing from one point to another with safety and efficiency is undeniably detracting to the marine field. This virtually makes Positioning, Navigation, and Timing facilities and automation an integral part of the maritime industry.

What is Resilient PNT of Orolia?

The fusion of GNSS or Global Navigation Satellite System and the complementary PNT Technology makes up the “Resilient Positioning, Navigation, & Timing of Orolia.

Orolia believes that the globe’s most demanding applications bet on real-time, systematic, dependable, and resilient Positioning, Navigation, & Timing. Orolia understands that in terms of mission crucial applications, failing, deficiency, or breakdown is not an option. This implies that even the most minimal miscalculation in data precision, accessibility, and stableness can literally lead to system crash, service disruption or even the possibility of loss of lives.

It cannot be denied, today is a fast pace and demanding marine realm. Due to this, there is a heightened need worldwide and beyond all industries, for rigorous positioning, navigation and timing data. This demand substantially pushed Orolia to go beyond the edge. In essence, Orolia is bound to develop and enhance accuracy, authentic performance, and secured remote operations. By this, it is competent to facilitate costumers to secure, confine, and monitor people, data, and objects in the challenging and demanding oceanic environment.

orolia global leader PNT

Worldwide Influence in Flexible and more Reliable Positioning, Navigation, & Timing 

Through Orolia’s genuine brands McMurdo and Spectracom, Orolia greatly provides the resilient PNT building blocks. Virtually, it is treated very essentially to mission-critical applications. Furthermore, by associating Global Navigation Satellite System and current PNT technologies, Orolia has furnished a far-reaching ecosystem of resilient Position, Navigation, & Timing solutions devoted by thousand clients.

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